Fifty-One Miles and Friends of the LA River (FOLAR) present the LA River Story Slam, held on March 15, 2023 at Frogtown Brewery.

10 Storytellers told 5-minute stories about their personal connection to the LA River. We want to celebrate what — and who — makes the LA River so special.

Introduction by Fifty-One Miles Team Leslie Dinkin, Hannah Michael Flynn, Camille Shooshani, and Nina Weithorn (00:00)

Storytellers: (time of appearance)

Derek Traub, writer and storyteller (07:46)
Margaret Gallagher, illustrator and naturalist (13:02)
Lalo Sanchez, photographer (18:22)
John Kosta, fine artist (26:39)
Miles Griffis, journalist (34:08)
Analiza del Rosario, angler and digital marketer (43:50)
Lino Jubilado, angler (49:24)
Sheldon Wright, voice artist (54:20)
Mia Lehrer, president of Studio-MLA (01:02:38)
Steve Appleton, activist, LA River Kayak Safari (01:14:40)

FOLAR representatives:
Jessica Rodriguez, Director of Strategic Operations (05:11)
Dennis Mabasa, COO (01:26:22)

Additionally, we had several artist vendors present at the event:
Margaret Gallagher
Kris Mukai
Nova Community Arts
Emily Wallerstein

This project was made possible with a grant from USC Arts in Action.
Contact:  ︎