In Flood Control Freakology: Los Angeles River Watershed, David Fletcher writes, “The Los Angeles river offers an extreme example of how an urban river becomes enmeshed in infrastructure and urbanis and generates new life. Combining nature and infrastructure while tying together - even defining - the basin, the Los Angeles River is the single most powerful space in Southern California: our Golden Gate Bridge, our Yosemite."

As a team, we are inspired by the explosive biodiversity that thrives in the cracks of this 51-mile channel – for example, thousands of birds enjoy habitat established from incidental algae mats blanketing the concrete created from low flow spillover. We are dedicated to our exploration of the relationship and intersections between the large and industrial, and the more intimate and spontaneous. We are curious what life on the river looks like right now – and honoring this moment.
This project was made possible with a grant from USC Arts in Action.
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